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Waiting... [Aug. 1st, 2007|12:32 pm]
Vorkosigan RPG


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[Current Location |Vorkosigan House-Library]
[mood |scaredscared]

Ekaterin had sat restlessly since the alarm went up. Ivan still sat in the armchair looking decidedly worried. Pym had contacted Miles on Ma Kosti's private commconsole and he was on his way here directly and as usual she was getting absolutely no information. As she thought about why she was getting no information she shuddered, The commconsoles are busy...? She shook her head. One thing at a time...One thing at a time.... She needed something to do but there was nothing. She got up from the chair and paced the room trying to reach Jankowski by her comm link every few paces. A noise in the hall made her look up and Ivan jumped to his feet. She ran outside to the foyer and saw a hoard of men entering and a strange limp for being carried by two men. Her jaw clenched as she saw it was Jankowski. General Allegre burst through the mob and walked up to Ekaterin.

"Lady Vorkosigan we...I have some terrible news. Its seems as though the children along with Byerly have been kidnapped. We've been trying to reach you by commconsole for over an hour..." Allegre's eyes went to the commconsole where it was shut off. Ekaterin followed his gaze.

"Ivan says it's been busy since last night but no ones been on them all day."

Allegre swore under his breath and bellowed orders to find a technician and find out why they weren't working. He looked at Ekaterin, the pain from her eyes reflecting in his. "I've given orders that the Emperor and Empress, Dono and Olivia, as well as Miles be contacted and sent straight here." He turned away and muttered to himself, "all this extra precaution for Gregor and it wasn't even him they were after..."

Ekaterin took a deep breath and turned to Ivan tears swelling in her eyes when a knock on the door indicated more people arriving.