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Vorkosigan RPG
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This is a brand new RPG that I have just created. Membership is by approval only so that I do not have more than one person playing the same role of course. The time period: Sometime after Diplomatic Immunity so that new disasters may arise that do not follow the books. For all those involved: It should start on Barrayar and like all her books information is gathered about some catastrophe, which I think I will leave to the person/people who plays some of the key roles to decide but I'm thinking an intergalactic incident or something that starts off with a sabatoge on Barrayar and moves to an intergalactic incident, we can talk about that later. I need all the main characters so far though I have several people offer to play lesser roles so I need some people to take initiative.

You can email me with: Who do you want to play; An abbreviation of how you view your character and their personality; and any plot ideas that you think might be a good idea to be approved by me. All members should set up an account using a variation of your character name and I guess email me the link so I can change the links below to ones for this page. Also there are three sites to this rpg please make sure that you sign up for membership for all three. Thanks.

vorkosiverse-Main RPG page
vorrpgplotting-ooc page
vorconsole-comconsole network

The people I can think of needing off hand are:

Emperor Gregor Vorbarra: gregor_v
Empress Laisa Vorbarra: laisa1

Viceroy Admiral Count Aral Vorkosigan: aralvorkosigan
Vicerene Countess Cordelia Vorkosigan:
Imperial Auditor Lord Miles Vorkosigan: 11thvorkosogian
Lady Ekaterine Vorkosigan: ekatrin1
Lord Mark Vorkosigan: lord_mark
Nikki Vorsoisson?: waiting on username

Lady Alys Vorpatril: alys_vorpatril
Captain Lord Ivan Vorpatril: ivan_vorpatril
Captain Simon Illyan: simonillyan

Commodore Duv Galeni:
Delia Koudelka Galeni: deliakoudelka
Drou Koudelka:drou_k
Commodore Kou Koudelka:
Kareen Koudelka:kareen_k
Martya Koudelka?:
Dr. Enrique Borgos?: six_legs_good (open id)
Countess Olivia Vorrutyer:
Count Dono Vorrutyer: count_dono
Lady Isabel Vorrutyer (Dono and Olivia's daughter): ladyisabel
Armsman Pym:
Armsman Roic: armsman_roic
Sgt. Taura?:
Imperial Auditor Professor Vorthys?: prof_vorthys
Professora Vorthys?: professora_v
Admiral Elli Quinn?: elliquinn
Byerly Vorrutyer: bynlovingit
Tamu al-Faisir (non-canon): profschehrazade
And of course anyone else that someone would like to play that is not either in the books (upon approval) or are a minor role.

Enjoy :-)